19 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Tina helped me accomplish weight loss goals and thought me the true meaning of technic. She is has a way to teach everyone how to properly train and lift weights. I was also taught how to push my limits when it came to cardio with her functional fitness class. Tina is absolutely a great Trainner and also an epic workout partner.

  2. I met Tina on board the USS Harry S Truman. I was out of shape and in educated. I couldn’t squat body weight let alone bench. Never saw a clean and jerk or a snatch. Tonight I hit 345 back squat which is a 90 lb jump in just one year. She has been my coach and mentor and helped me push past limits and how to reach my goals. I just wanted to be in shape to stay in the Navy and now I have a love for fitness. There are coaches and trainers that will help and then there are those like Tina who will care and lead you.

  3. The best thing about Tina (She has many awesome qualities) is her flexibility in training. She has the ability to modify a workout to meet the goals and needs of those she works with and can easily run 6-10 people through a similar workout while focusing on their individual strengths and areas of improvement at the same time. As a triathlete training on a ship she focused on my leg strength, core, and overall flexibility so I would be ready to swim, bike, and run when we walked off the ship after an 8 month deployment. She is a master at giving cues on form quickly and in a manner which is easy to understand. Keep in mind, many of her workouts/training sessions took place while the ship was moving considerably….she adapted to that as fluidly as the waves which rocked the ship. If you have a physical goal, Tina will get you there. Be careful though…she will take you further than you thought possible. All you have to do is listen and put in the work!

  4. Where do I start? Tina is an amazing trainer!!! I have been working with her since 2015. She’s hardcore with a soft touch. She helped me reach my fitness goals with an encouraging push and discipline. Tina was able to make a fitness plan for me, watch my development, and changed my training as time progressed. I know that she is more than passionate about what she does, she wants to keep people healthy and in shape. I truly enjoy her training and the way she can finds the smallest amount of energy at the end of a workout and get you to use it. Her training will leave you winded and ready for me along with getting results The only thing she ever asks for is 100% effort and she can get you where you want to be.

  5. Tina is an awesome trainer. It is great when you can work out and enjoy every minute of it. Every workout she is right there doing it along with me pushing and motivating me the whole way through. She definitely loves what she does and it shows. Soreness is Tina leaving your body in the best shape ever!!!!!!

  6. Tina is an amazing trainer and motivated fitness enthusiast. While on deployment on the USS Harry S. Truman she helped me develop a new exercise routine and become re-motivated. Her personal attention ensured that my form and ability were complimenting each other in the most beneficial way ensuring I did not injure myself and got the most out of my work out. The immediate result was the loss of 25lbs and gain of muscle, energy, and a positive attitude. When I returned home I took the lessons she taught me and have continued to train and stay in shape. Tina knows what she is doing and is excited to share it!

  7. I can truly say that Tina made me enjoy working out again! I met her on the Harry S Truman 2015-2016 deployment and within a few weeks I noticed a change in my body structure. Anywho who is lucky enough to have Tina on their team is a winner. Before this I didn’t know anything about crossfit and its dynamics, Tina always made sure we knew the purpose of every workout even if it was death by burpees lol. If I have the opportunity again I will definitely acquire Tina as a personal trainer!

  8. Tina helped me achieve a large goal in a very limited amount of time. While it was a steep challenge for me, she built a work out program that not only dropped pounds in one month but also toned. Her dedication to my success was unsurpassed and I could not have had a better personal trainer!

  9. I am a member of National Fitness in Maryville, Tennessee. Tina Nguyen was my personal trainer for several months at that facility. I was very sorry to learn that she had decided to relocate to Mississippi. It was a pleasure to work with Tina. She was always on time and prepared. I found the workouts that she planned for me to be challenging without being intimidating. Each training session was different and beneficial. My training time with Tina was worth every dollar spent. I know she will be an asset to any organization with which she is affiliated.

  10. I was turned off by my previous experience with a trainer I had in the recent past that I was not sure I would ever go down that road again. However, I knew I had to do something because my weight was spinning out of control. I’ve tried losing weight on my own and for some reason I found it impossible. Insert Tina Nguyen into my life. I had spoken to her on a few occasions and learned that she was a personal trainer. I loved her knowledge, motivation, and above all her interest in helping people lose weight. I decided to hire her to help me with one of my biggest struggles…weight loss!!! Tina kept me accountable and motivated, taught me that the world can be my gym, and also pushed me in accomplishing things that I thought were impossible. I have way more energy and I’m VERY excited about getting healthy and living a better lifestyle. Hiring Tina Nguyen as a personal trainer was the best decision I have ever made!

  11. Tina is a detailed-oriented and self-sufficient individual who is not afraid to hussle and work. She has a strong passion for the fitness industry. As a graduate assistant in campus recreation, Tina allowed her experiences to help her explore many avenues, and to be creative in the field, which have led her to a few opportunities upon graduation. Experiences include, but not limited to; excellent organizational, planning, and supervisory skills, payroll, and evaluation of employees and peers. I highly recommend Tina to anyone’s organization. She is a valuable asset to the industry and has much to offer in the field.

  12. My workouts with Tina have provided an excellent addition to my normal fitness routine. I have seen marked progress in my running, biking, and swimming activities in just 17 sessions. Additionally, my overall body strength and tone have improved tremendously. Oct. 19, 2011

  13. We, Daniel and Linda Brantley, do highly recommend Tina Nguyen as physical fitness trainer. She is very knowledgeable and knows what she is doing. She always has a plan of action scheduled each session. We have had four trainers since we became members of National Fitness Center and Tina is by far the best. In summation, Tina is an exceptional trainer and has a very good personality.

  14. I’ve really enjoyed my training sessions with Tina. She incorporates new exercises each session which helps keep things interesting and challenging. She has a very relaxed manner which keeps the sessions fun and non-intimidating.

  15. Tina was an excellent personal trainer. She’s tough, and it’s because she knows that you are capable of doing way more than you think you can. I have been able to maintain a higher level of fitness since working with Tina because I have the memory of being pushed to my limit–if I did it before, I can do it again. Her exercises were creative, and I could tell she put thought into each week’s routine. One of the biggest reasons I didn’t work out regularly before is because I thought exercise in a gym was boring, but now I know a variety of exercises and routines that keep me interested in going back. I don’t think we ever did the same workout twice, and she trained me twice a week for a couple of months. It is also worth mentioning that she is tough without being terrifying–she was always personable, but she never let me slack off. I would highly recommend Tina to anyone looking to get serious about taking care of themselves, and anyone who needs variety in their workout routines.

  16. I have completed several boot camps, Tina’s boot camp was by far the best and the hardest. She worked all major muscles. In addition to the intense work outs they were followed by burst of encouragement. I love doing boot camp but hate burpee’s. Tina is a great personal trainer.

  17. As a former fitness trainer working for Tina at the University of Tennessee, I can truly attest to her qualities as an exercise specialist and leader. Tina is extremely passionate about her work, and her enthusiasm for training is contagious. Tina takes pride in the success of others, and she is gifted in her ability to elevate those around her, colleagues and clients alike. As an employee for Tina, I was impressed with her dedication to improving our staff. She made an extra effort to expand our training knowledge, promote new and innovative methods of training, and encourage our overall development. Tina was fair, but always held us to high standards of accountability. She provided insightful feedback during staff evaluations, and her input has contributed to my success as a trainer. Tina as as an excellent manager and trainer, and I would recommend her to anyone who is willing to challenge themselves to improve their fitness or career.

    1. Tina helped me accomplish weight loss goals and thought me the true meaning of technic. She is has a way to teach everyone how to properly train and lift weights. I was also taught how to push my limits when it came to cardio with her functional fitness class. Tina is absolutely a great Trainner and also an epic workout partner.

  18. This was my first time using a personal trainer. I had no idea what to expect. There were images running through my mind of TV shows like The Biggest Loser, Made, even I Used To Be Fat, of participants whining about how hard the physical exercises were as well as getting angry at their personal trainer for making them do these physical activities. I would say to myself, “I’m not going to be like these people” or “This is not going to be hard.” However once you get placed in the situation, that mentality get’s thrown out the door. A range of emotions pain, hurt, anger, and fatigue hit you all at once. You realize this is actually hard and you really have to motivate yourself to see progress. Through this experience of working with Tina I learned the only person who was hindering my success was my own-self. In this training process, Tina was my motivator participating in these physical exercises, congratulating me when I completed them successfully. She challenged me to go above the range of exercise that I was comfortable in. After the journey I am now able to see all my hard work has paid off, as cliche as it may sound. I am a stronger person for using a personal trainer and I hope this helps to make a difference in someone else’s life.

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