How Many Calories Should I Consume??

BMR aka Basal Metabolic Rate... it's not often you hear about your BMR or have a desire to understand it.  You see BMI more often because it's used as an indication of your body fat to lean mass ratio and where you are categorized on a health scale.  Most often people ask, "How many calories should… Continue reading How Many Calories Should I Consume??


A Trainer’s Motivation

My Workout of the Day: Strength: Floor Press 5-5-3-3-2-1 (1RM @ 100lbs *PR) Dumbbell Thrusters (15lbs) + Box Jumps: 21, 15, 9, 3 reps MetCon: Run 800m - Rest 2 mins Run 400m - Rest 1 mins Run 200m - Rest 30 sec Run 400m - Rest 30 sec Run 800m - Rest 1 minsRunning,… Continue reading A Trainer’s Motivation