Remote Coaching

Getting a personal trainer can be daunting and quite difficult especially when you’re on a tight schedule. Remote Coaching (Online Personal Training) can help you obtain your goals (weight loss, strength gains, stay healthy) by being flexible with your schedule.  These workouts are customized to your goals, physiological abilities, and equipment availability; therefore, you should have NO EXCUSES to fit in a workout.  

4 WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM – Starts at $165-$185

*After completing the 4 week program, you may then have the option to receive shorter weekly workouts.*
1 Additional Week  
2 Additional Weeks

What’s Included:

  • Personalized Training Program – tailored to your needs, abilities, weaknesses, environment, and equipment availability
  • Questionnaire, Pre & Post Fitness Assessment
  • Customized progress chart
  • Video calls for weekly progress report
  • Meal Plan and Nutrition Advice
  • 24/7 support via text, email, or phone call


Can this really work for me?
YES – those who are committed and willing to make a change will benefit from this program.  I ONLY accept serious individuals who are ready to improve.

Why do I have to purchase a 4 week program?
It takes approximately 4-6 weeks to see any progress or physiological change in the body.  The goal is to teach you how to properly exercise, make change, create good habits, and achieve your goals in order to take what you’ve learned and continue on your own.

What if I don’t like the program halfway through and want to quit?
This is where I encourage and motivate you to finish the entire program.  It is said that getting started is the hardest part, and it’s true.  Once you get past the first week or 2, it becomes much easier.  No refunds for quitters.

What kind of programs can you create?
I’ve worked with a broad variety of clientele and can create any program you seek.  My main areas of expertise include weight loss, gaining muscle mass, increasing strength for Power Lifting, improving Olympic Lifting technique, and sport specific strength and conditioning.

Why do you only accept 5 clients at a time?
I want to be able to provide the support and attention to detail to ALL of my clients.  This increases the ability for you to succeed and achieve your goals.