Welcome to my Coaching Rugby resource page.  Here you can find rugby (skills and fitness) drills that I find useful.
My Background:  Currently I have my USA Rugby Level 200 Certification.  I was Head Coach of The Univ. of TN Women’s Rugby Club from Fall 2010 until Spring Season 2012.  During Fall 2010 and Spring 2011, their record was 8(w)-3(l).  Not too bad for a team with 95% rookies.
Also during that Fall Season of 2011, I temporarily began coaching my own team, Knoxville Minx, until a new coach was found.
After accepting a job with the Navy, I began coaching a co-ed team onboard the USS John C Stennis for 4.5 months.  During 1 port stop, the Singapore Wanderers Rugby Team graciously hosted us for a rugby clinic and co-ed scrimmage.
After deployment, I relocated to Bremerton, Washington in the Summer of 2013, where I began playing for the Tacoma Siren’s Women’s Rugby Club.  After playing for 1 Fall Season I became a player-coach for the team in the Spring Season of 2014 up until my relocation to Norfolk, VA in October 2014.  My current team is the Norfolk Storm Women’s Rugby Club. #letswhipupastorm


CLICK HERE to Download the 2015 IRB Laws

Rugby Drills
3 Seconds, 3 Rucks
Bruce Lee Warm-ups
Decoys & Deception
Defensive Movement 
Driving Maul
Cover The Ground Faster
Decision Making at the Tackle
In Ball Drill
Master the Scrum Feed
Recycle Lanes
Continuous Attack
Switch Touch
Overlap Situations

Rugby Links:

Norfolk Storm Women’s Rugby                    Rugby Union Laws of the Game

USA Rugby South                                           Your Scrumhalf Connection



Best season with these crazy kids and assistant coaches!



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