Traveling, a Renewed Vision, and Bratwurst

It’s been 8 days since I left Poland to finally take some time off from work.  Although I’m sure most people would think that being in Poland is vacation in itself.  Being wrapped up in the days tasks, your mind consumed with responsibilities as often that each day seems to repeat itself.  Needless to say the timing for me to leave couldn’t have been more perfect!  I spent the first 7 days in England, traveling all over the western part doing things I never imagined.  I mean how many people who visit the U.K. can say they went to Stonehenge, a middle school, a home in the middle of nowhere, to the dentist, and the cleaners to find a dress all in one day?!  Yes that’s a true story, but I was actually with my friend helping her run errands.  🙂  I looked on my Google maps history and we were literally all over the place, good times.
First time being in England, I flew into Bristol, and the very first thing I did there was see a local rugby match!  Loved it, absolutely love and miss the game!  It was bloody cold and raining a bit but my heart was happy, along with my throat as hot mulled wine went down my system.  Did you catch me trying to be British (bloody)?  😀  There were so many terms that I didn’t understand or have never heard of and literally got the, “Are you stupid, how do you not know what that means?” look.  More good times!  London was a hustle and bustle kind of place, so much rich in history and crazy stories, definitely enjoyed it.  I also learned how to use the tube system, saw the Queen, saw an overview of the city from the London Eye (ferris wheel), watched Aladdin The Musical, and went through London’s Dungeons.  Busy two days but I’m glad I got to see some major sites!  25626213_10102391637731039_8105698182138956855_o
So now I’m sitting in Frankfurt, Germany, it’s a chill night on Christmas Eve and I keep burping up bratwurst (TMI I know).  I’m not so much of a meat eater but I wanted to eat one in Germany since they’re known for their sausages.  Kind of like if you travel to New Orleans you have to get a hand grenade drink, same difference.

Now I’m writing as the past few days has opened my eyes to the vast open world and how much it has to offer.  Even when I think I’ve been to many places throughout the world, there’s always so much more to discover.  Traveling gives you a sense of awareness, education in culture, appreciation in your personal surroundings, and even imagination of what could be life.  It’s so easy to get caught up in a small circle of your current living situation that what’s truly important seems to fade away.
26037050_10102392441659959_1946466474_oI often enjoy sitting in the middle of downtown, people watching, wondering about their life, where they came from, and how they got to where they are now.  Sometimes I think it’s still fun to imagine.  As I’m getting older, I realize that it’s easier to appreciate certain things a bit more, to have a little patience, and to know that every day is always a learning/growing experience.  It’s very cliche to say, however it’s been my personal experience that I’m always asking questions and I never truly know what the next chapter in my life is going to be like.  All I know is that I’m truly blessed to be able to do what I do now and see the world.  I remember as a kid I always wanted that and wondered how people got to where they were to be able to see it all.  I envied those people.  Now I’m doing what I dreamed of doing, which is pretty awesome!


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