Do You Workout Alone?

Imagine looking down at the barbell, music thumping loudly in the background, people are around you but when you focus it just fades into the mix.  It’s just you vs. the weight and at that point nothing else matters but to finish the rep.
It takes a strong-willed individual to push their body to his/her limits.  But it takes a mentally strong individual to do it alone.
Most people feed off other people’s energy or thrive by comparison to another person while working out.  The adrenaline is there, your competitive side comes out, and you’re motivated to come out on top.

But have you ever done a hard workout alone?  There’s no one around you so the only person you are competing against is yourself.
Your willingness to push harder than you think you can.
Your ability to put your body under an uncomfortable level of stress and pain.
Your drive to tell yourself to keep going when you want to give up.
Your focus because the only person you don’t want to disappoint is yourself when know you have the capabilities to give everything you have.

It’s a mental game, played by only yourself… and when you finish you know you’ve succeeded and have the drive to do it again the next day… not only with the workout, but in life.



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