Making Goals for 2017… and Sticking To It

The New Year is approaching and we’ve successfully  overstuffed and indulged ourselves in  foods and beverages that we normally wouldn’t consume.  “But it’s the holidays,” says everyone around you so you cave.  As the current year ends, somehow we are given this sense that there’s an ending and that we want to start fresh and there’s a new beginning.  In reality, time just continues, but if that’s the motivation we need to start something right then I guess that’s better than not starting.  But what if we treated each day as a new beginning… imagine what we could accomplish.

Everyone who has worked in a gym knows that there’s a BOOM in new members and crowded gyms during the first month of the New Year.  Then slowly but for surely the crowd diminishes and people lose motivation and never accomplish his/her goals.  If you happen to identify as being one of those people in the past, well here are a few tips to keep you going:

1.  Reflect On The Past Year – I believe that people simply don’t take the time to think and reflect on themselves enough.  Think about yourself during the past year, and that year only.  Ask yourself…

  • What did I learn?
  • What are some un-proud moments?
  • What did I achieve?
  • What did I not do that I wanted to do and why didn’t I do it?Reflecting allows you to learn a little bit more about yourself.  We’re always changing, evolving, growing, maturing.  I can honestly say that I am a different person now than I was a year ago.  Same personality, different way of thinking and processing actions.  Then use your reflections to create goals for the new year.

2.  Make Measurable Goals – Create goals you can attain and keep track of.  Instead of saying, “I want to eat healthier,” you should say, “I want to incorporate vegetables into my meal 3x a week.”  (For those who rarely/never eat vegetables.)  Too often we establish far fetched goals that when not achieved in a certain amount of time, we tend to lose motivation and hope that it can get done.  Start by creating daily or weekly goals to ensure attainability and success.

3.  Write – Write down everything you do… your workouts, meals, daily goals, weekly goals, achievements, failures, etc.  Be accountable for your actions.  Writing allows you to become more aware of what you are consuming or if you are expending enough energy that day.  Technology has made everything so convenient nowadays that a simple click is all we need to do yet it doesn’t allow us to process what has actually been done.

4.  Clean Up Your Surroundings – Get rid of any junk or clutter around you that will stop you from achieving your goals.  Remove all temptation that will slow your progress and replace it with motivating words, pictures, or items that will remind you of the end goal.  An example would be to hang up an article of clothing that you want to fit in one day, or put up a picture of Rich Froning lifting heavy weight to remind yourself that you want to hit a PR in the future.
Sometimes cleaning up your surroundings may even include people.  Inform your friends what your goals are and ask for support.  If your friends will not support you and want to go drink or eat fast food all the time then they are not truly your friends.  You have only one life to live and no one should bring you down or stop you from being successful.

5.  Ask For Help – I think it’s normal to feel stuck or lost sometimes when you are working towards your goal.  Things don’t always go as planned or we hit a plateau and all of a sudden we’re just coasting along without making progress.  At this point, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Seek out some coaches or trainers in the area who can help you get back on the right path.  Or find expert trainers online who can talk you through your goals or even create a new personalized plan for you.  Although getting an expert trainer may cost you some money, the investment is worth it because you cannot put a price on your health.  A little bit of cash can go a long ways towards a healthier and longer life.


So as the New Year approaches, I am working on launching “remote coaching” or online training services for those who want personalized workout programs and expert health coaching.  This is great for those who I’ve met along the way, know my training style and philosophy, would like to work with me but are elsewhere and cannot see me face to face.  This would include an assessment, personalized training plan, personalized meal plan prep/advice, a lot of FaceTime, and 24/7 access via text/phone.  If you are interested or want more information on remote coaching, send me a message or comment with an email below.  This is one of my goals for the New Year as I’m constantly reading on the latest training methods to provide the best coaching to anyone wanting to better themselves.  The learning never stops.


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