Doing these just might make your day a bit brighter…

More and more I’ve been seeing articles about the morning habits of highly successful people… tips, tricks, and a collaboration of rituals from famous people.  As a fitness professional and someone who is always trying to achieve a greater success, here is my morning routine that I currently do, some of which I just added by reading about others.

    I know what time I NEED to be up and I know what it takes to finally get myself up, so I ensure to set the alarm ahead of time so I don’t feel that anxiety alertness from the alarm.  Setting up a slow building serene-like sound also helps with the wake up.
    Give yourself enough time to enjoy the morning, get ready for work, and to mentally prepare yourself for the day.  No one likes rushing out of the house.
    I’ve slept with my dog for the past 10 years and each morning is a loving bonding experience that starts my day off right.  Research shows that affection from a dog (or other house pet) boosts endorphins, your feel good hormones!
    Hi, my name is Tina, and I’m addicted to coffee.  Notice how I used the word “savor,” meaning to take time and enjoy.  Being a coffee lover, I enjoy the taste and smell of coffee in the morning.  It kick-starts my day, and let’s get real, my bowel movements.
    As I’m savoring my coffee I flip through my Facebook, emails, snapchats, and Instagram.  I like to scan through my emails quickly to see what I have to look forward to do for the day.  Facebook notifications and a quick swipe down a few posts, no more than 10.  I absolutely LOVE watching Chelsea Handler snapchats (chelseahandler) in the morning, if you don’t have her on there yet I highly recommend it.  She is hilarious and makes me realize that you should be able to have fun and laugh at yourself.  Enjoy what you do because you only have one life to live.  What better way to start the day than by laughing!  Instagram leads me to my next routine.
    I follow people who are inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and something that helps me look forward to achieve my goals.  I would say this is one of my favorite routines in the morning and is key to determine how you will set your day.  Your attitude and outlook truly sets the tone if you are going to have a great day or a terrible day, it’s your choice.
    A bit of an oxymoron but listening to the silence around you helps to organize and settle your mind.  Imagine so many thoughts floating around in your head (things to do, tasks, reminders–>  eek! stress!), and amongst the silence those thoughts slowly float down like a feather and stack like a pyramid from highest priority to lowest priority.  Give yourself that silent moment of mindfulness, reflect on your goals and life, you’ll be amazed how doing such a small task can help in BIG ways.

So these are just a few of my daily rituals to get my morning started off positively!  If you’re needing a change or want to feel better about life, I suggest starting with 1 routine that you enjoy and slowly adding in a few more that other successful people do to see if it works.  If it doesn’t then try something else.  It doesn’t hurt to try if it makes your day a bit brighter!  🙂


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