Competition and the Mindset

I competed in a charity workout this past Saturday, and unbeknownst to my expectations, I received 3rd place in the scaled division. There’s just something about being in that type of environment and the competitiveness within myself that I can’t hold back. I believe most of us has that inner drive to win, along with the fact that we grew up in a culture where winning is everything. Although I do not personally believe that winning is everything.

Sometimes it’s good to be pressured by your friends to sign-up for competitions even when you don’t really want to. (Thanks DaniT & Nic) With my previous injuries, I allowed my mind to set myself back by not believing I could do well. The event was for a good cause so eventually I caved in and said, “Why the hell not?”

Clean and Deadlift Ladder (WOD 1)

A few things that competing made me become aware of:

  • My strength is not where I want to be compared with others.
  • In order to get where I want to be, I need to enter in more competitions (even if I know I’m no in the top ranking) so I can meet other like-minded individuals and become better
  • Getting out of my comfort zone is the only way to get comfortable
  • I have the capabilities of being in the top if I continue to train hard and tweak my training
  • Seeing other athletes work their ass off is very inspiring, motivating, (for the advanced competitors) and humbling (for the beginner competitors)

As I’ve said before, the mind is a powerful tool that quite often, we don’t really think about to utilize as part of our training. Train your mind first to visualize where you want to be. Start each day with a positive happy thought to set the mood. It literally is all up to you how you want your day to be. Try to find the good in all even when you feel it’s not… there’s a lesson to be learned in everything.

I’m stoked about getting 3rd! I received a goodie-bag with free supplement samples… and who doesn’t like free samples?!

Competitors and Judges at the EOD Charity WOD

If anyone is interested in further reading, I found this article to be rather interesting from  Why Do We Have An Obsession With Winning by Ray Williams.


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