What My Injuries Taught Me

More than a month ago I injured my back while deadlifting, which held my heavy lifting back for about two weeks.  Two weeks ago I sprained my ankle, a week right before Norfolk Storm’s first rugby game, which set me back from improving my sprint speed and heavy power lifting.  I think perhaps I’m getting old… or these were just bound to happen at some point.
Impatient.  Yep that’s me 100%.  The injuries didn’t stop me from working out at all, and really working out helped ease the pain until I was stagnant again.  “Rest up!” they say, but someone who is restless as myself doesn’t listen to those words.

Being injured did taught me a few things however, so not all is lost.
Lesson 1:  You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone.  We’ve all heard that saying, and I’ve applied it to our general body parts.  Some of us go through life doing the same thing every day and not fully appreciating simply being able to run, to use both hands, or to stand until we get hurt and can no longer do simple daily tasks.  It really is a setback.  Be grateful if you are healthy and mobile.  Don’t just sit around, go out and LIVE LIFE!

Lesson 2:  The great thing about being a fitness professional is that I know many alternative movements to work particular muscle groups.  The lack of ankle mobility did not allow me to fully squat with weight on my back or front rack.  Instead, I slowly incorporated goblet squats to get myself in a safe and comfortable position again.  I was still able to work my glutes and hamstrings by performing: RDL’s, plie squats w/ heavy DB, glute bridges, etc.  So there is ALWAYS something else you can do if you are limited.

Lesson 3:  Time heals all wounds… well, most wounds.  With consistent recovery and rehab, injuries will heal.  Understanding it takes time requires patience and telling yourself that it’s best in the long run.

Below is a picture of the bruise after a week from rolling my ankle.  If there’s anything you should know about rugby players… is that if we get any injury, it better look gruesome!

Epic bruise!!!

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