Post-Deployment Update & Being a Proud MOM!

I’m sitting in my room, it’s late but hard to fall asleep.  So what better way to pass the time than to start writing again.  It’s been about a month and a half since returning from an 8 month deployment with the USS HARRY S TRUMAN.  The adjustment is real.. the days seem slower since there’s more time to pass without always being surrounded by people 24/7.  The alone time is great, and I loved it prior to deploying… just have to get used to it again.
It’s time for me to rant and rave about a sailor who participated in my Functional Fitness classes while onboard.  Seeing progress like what I’m about to talk about, reminds me why I love my job.  And to see just that one person succeed and go beyond a measure of fitness you wouldn’t imagine, brings me the biggest smile on my face.  I feel like a proud mom! (I bet the title shocked you there for those who know me, hehehe)

It started wayyy back at the beginning of deployment that I saw two women deciding to partake in my class… meet Sam and Lori.  They would always workout together, motivate and push each other to push pass the pain and get stronger.  That was awesome to see!  Eventually I could tell that those two had different fitness levels.  Sam came to me with some knee issues so I would suggest some modifications and lighter weight to accommodate her needs.  Lori would go balls to the wall, didn’t give 2 cents, and just do whatever I told her to do (always fun for me).  So time elapsed and we would participate in a fitness event in Dubai…  I continued to see the work Sam put in during those events, and it was usually consistent to stay safe, but my philosophy is to just FINISH no matter what your limitations are or modifications you have to make.  Never quit.  And she would.  Eventually her schedule would require her to participate in the 5am class that is taught by Coach Weisenborn, so I wasn’t able to see her progression near the end of deployment.

However, just two weeks ago Sam sends me this!

Sam 225# PR Deadlift

As soon as I watched the video, my reaction was, “holy wow BRO! do you even lift? hell yeah!”  Literally all of that went through my head!  🙂  225lbs is not an easy feat I must add. So to see someone who stayed relatively “safe” during my Functional Fitness classes to see her continue the health and fitness kick even after deployment was a proud moment for me.  It lights me up knowing that the start of her fitness journey has only begun and will become a positive impact not only for her health, but for those around her, her family, friends, and loved ones.  Remember, all it takes is one… as small as it is, one can make the biggest difference in the world!  Hooyah!

P.S.  As of Wednesday, 31AUG16, she hit another PR @ 240#!  BOOM SAUCE!


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