Traveling, traditional workouts, and accountability

I think after today’s session, I’ve been inspired to do more traditional lifting mixed in with metabolic conditioning (functional fitness) workouts.  Today’s strength workout were dumbbell chest presses, incline, and some single arm presses.  I miss the environment of being in the zone, getting a good pump in, sweating just a bit but not to the point of exhaustion.  It was workouts like that, that caused me to be in the gym for 3 hours a day back in my college years.  Two hours of lifting and one hour of cardio.  I actually become quite obsessed with it.  It worked for years but eventually my body got accustomed to the routine and I became bored.  I was super skeptical about crossfit but for some reason I kept going back for more.  After half a year I began to see results that were pretty astounding in my eyes for such a short time.  My strength increased and my body became really lean and toned…. much quicker than doing traditional weightlifting.

I don’t hate on either one or anyone’s method of working out.  As long as you’re working out, moving every day, and getting in your daily recommendation of exercise, I think that’s most important; especially in a society where obesity is high and modern day technology is making many people lazy.
Traveling… being away from my daily routine… so far I’ve missed one day of working out and I’m pretty damn proud of myself.  Even those in the fitness field can have a lazy moment or two.  Heck, after working on a ship and your job is training others and working out 7 days out of the week, all I really care to do is relax, have a real rest day, and get some really good sleep in!  I believe 1 key factor for maintaining health is having a partner/buddy to participate with you.  Accountability – having a friend with a similar mindset, goals, and habits is a good way to stay on track.  It’s another great reason to get a personal trainer, because when you schedule to workout at a certain time with someone else, people often feel more obligated to meet than if he/she were to go workout alone.
This past week I’ve worked out with the judge who is motivated to stay active and is reliable for showing up on time at the gym, it’s been great!  So clearly I say all of this out of personal experience.


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