How To Stay Positive In A Negative World

Let’s face it, life sucks… sometimes.  We all go through different situations that are deemed bad, terrible, tragic, horrible, or sad.  So how do we overcome these obstacles and continue when all you see is the darkness in the tunnel?
It’s all in the way we view things that are ahead of us.  Happiness truly comes from self although not everyone has the ability to find it within themselves.  That takes time.
Throughout my 30 years of living (holy heck that’s old) I’ve learned that time is everything.  Had I not gone through my past experiences, I wouldn’t be where I am today with the mindset that I have.  And it took those years, going through those to understand now that it served a purpose.

I never had the best childhood growing up, back then I never understood why my parents were so strict with the rules they had and the punishments they ensued (if you’re Asian you soo know what I am talking about).  I absolutely hated it as a kid, I wanted to run away, escape from it all.  Then at some point in college I realized that if I wasn’t raised the way I was then I wouldn’t be disciplined as I am or have the desire to work hard at everything I do, whether it’s going up in the job ladder or doing well in school.  That’s only one simple example.
As each bad obstacle came before me, somehow, someway I trumped through it… and as each new obstacle came before me I would always use the previous situation to make myself aware of the faith and strength that I do have within me to overcome them.

Life is a continuous wave of ups and downs and without them then it wouldn’t be called life.  How we choose to live each day is up to us and only us.  I always say that at the end of each day, the choice that we make on how to feel is solely up to us because no one else will understand or feel the sadness or happiness that we are going to bed with.  Only WE feel it and no one else.
Everyone has their ways of overcoming obstacles to get in a better place.  Dealing with it, accepting it, and being proactive about it can help with the process, here are mine:

  1.  Pray – it doesn’t matter who/what you believe in, when you have done absolutely everything you could physically do, pray
  2.  Talk about it – getting the frustrations out verbally will help take some weight off your shoulders or ease your mind; sometimes the other person’s advice can help give you a new and different perspective
  3.  Write – if there is a moment when you can’t find someone to talk to then write it out; it’s unhealthy to keep your emotions in because it’ll catch back up to you
  4.  Surround yourself with positive friends – your friends will make you laugh and their presence will help you remember to enjoy life
  5.  Exercise – it produces endorphins (your feel good hormones) and relieves stress/anxiety
  6. Remember – think about past events that may be worse than what you are going through now and remember the strength you had to overcome it
  7. Read positive quotes – sometimes just reading simple inspiration and motivational sayings can help remind you look ahead

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