Back Squats – 2 FEB 16

It’s already February, hoorah!  Anyone else over this??  Yepp, but we gotta keep going!  This is the best time to experiment with workouts and go all out since there’s nothing better to do except work or sleep.

Back Squat~warm-up with bar for 10 reps
~row 250 meters (damper at 7 and up) after the first rep 6, after the first rep 4, and after rep 2

Metabolic Conditioning
For time:
20 burpees
40 back squats 45/75#
60 G2O (ground to overhead)
40 goblet squats 35/55#
20 burpees

The higher the damper setting the more effort you have to put into rowing.  Utilize your legs, pushing through your heels, while pulling with your arms, then upon full leg extension, lean back to maximize your pull.  If you do this properly your legs will be burning!
Come to class early and get in an extra 1000 meters for a warm-up and to accumulate those meters for the Concept2 Military Challenge!  You can also cool down at the end of class with a nice slow steady pace set between 4-6 for 1000m.

Bonus Challenge:  Against a running 2 minute clock, row 250-300 meters, for the remaining time until 2 minutes is up, perform as many push-ups as possible.  Rest for 2 minutes, and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.


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