LEG Day -28 JAN 16

Front Squat @ Tempo 50X0
superset with
Plank Suicides 5 x 20

Metabolic Conditioning:
6 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
3 cleans @ 95/135#
6 hand-release push-ups
9 butterfly sit-ups

Rest 3 minutes

6 min AMRAP
3 front squats @ 65/95#
6 push press
9 burpees

Let’s discuss TEMPO training for a bit. Tempo meaning at a pace, at a certain count. A really good method I’ve seen work to develop pure strength is utilizing tempo training, time under tension. This ensures that you are loading your muscles throughout the entire movement if you move at a set pace through the full range of motion. You can vary the tempo as well by lifting slowly for 5 seconds or faster for 3 seconds, it all depends on your goal. The key is to not cheat your seconds with what is programmed for the workout of the day.
Let’s take the squat as an example, you’ll see many people squat heavy in a hurry, sometimes bouncing at the bottom and coming back up. That’s good if you want to work on explosive movements but adding variety also helps to make sure you’re using all muscle fibers you have for overall performance. A site I recommend for further reading is from the The Poliquin Group:

Happy Training!

Coach ATCS Weisenborn at the Functional Fitness Event in Dubai

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