Functional Fitness in Dubai

Most of you are unaware I have a personal fitness blog, well here it is back out in the open for all to read. I haven’t had time until now to blog about my training and traveling experiences, but I couldn’t miss this opportunity. A successful and fun event in the books with the fitness guru’s onboard the USS HARRY S TRUMAN. We worked out at Reebok CrossFit Lifespark, utilizing their facility to do what we normally do onboard during our Functional Fitness classes, except normally we wouldn’t get the opportunity to run around a nice lake or do certain movements such as or pull-ups or actual wall balls. Upon coordinating this event I figured what a great way to get all of us together outside of the ship and do what we love to do… exercise, motivate each other, and stay fit. We performed 2 workouts throughout the day, one individual and one team workout. The workouts were long and tough but my favorite part was watching everyone cheer each other on, pushing and motivating each other. What I love best about my job is the fact that I work around people who have the same goal in mind, the same inspired mind set. As soon as you participate in my class, the whole idea of ranks are dismissed and everyone is just working out.
We have a lot of great athletes onboard, which we normally don’t get to see without opportunities like these. We also have people who are just starting to do classes like these and they pick-up the movements fairly quick and are making progressions.
It wasnice to have a lunch break in between and walk around the beautiful lake, admiring the other shops as well. The food around there was so diverse, you had Thai, vegetarian, Arabic, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, the list goes on and on.
12509147_10101375774663769_1733841565681236882_nDuring the last workout, 2 locals joined in our workout and we treated them just the same as we would our own, encouraging them through the workout. We performed a team workout that consisted of running, wall balls, rowing, air dyne bike, etc. I love team workouts as they encourage team building skills and are a great way to get to know someone you may not know who you’re paired up with. Needless to say this was requested by many participants and others who did not get to join. Hoping to do this again next port period!


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