Caffeine & Kilos Tour Review

This past Monday I partook in the Caffeine & Kilos Weightlifting Seminar.   It was hosted by the C&K owners and lifters from CalStrength.  I’ll be honest and say that I don’t know much about CalStrength, I’ll have to do my research.  We went through the snatch technique and then the clean and jerk.  They teach similar to what I found to be easiest when teaching a large group of people, which is starting from the top down.  Top down meaning beginning at the top of the lift to the very bottom starting position.  I like teaching that way because it breaks down the movement, making it much simpler to perform, and then linking each technique together to perform the entire movement.

For the up movement for both lifts, they used 3 positions… 1st position is at the hip, shoulders over the bar, shoulder blades pinched back.  Second position is at the bottom of the knee (some people teach top of the knee, I found this different technique interesting), shoulders over the bar, knees back, shins vertical, shoulder blades still pinched.  Finally the last position is at the very bottom, hips synched down.

Once I got home I made some notes and wrote down what they taught.  It’s easy to forget the smallest details, especially after you’ve done a few workshops and seminars and everyone teaches differently.  I’m always open to new pointers and ideas because obviously what they are doing is working for them, it may not work for me, but it can never hurt to try and implement different techniques.  I would say one takeaway that I received from this seminar was that my knees were not as far back as I needed them to be with my shoulders over the bar.  Having that extra eye always helps… what you feel or think you are doing may not be what you’re supposed to be doing at all.  So when you’re lifting, don’t be afraid to ask someone next to you to see if your squat depth is deep enough or if there’s anything wrong with your technique.  Small adjustments in technique without the heavy weight can make the biggest difference in your lift.


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