Position of Power

There’s something about being around the water that gives me a sense of peace and calmness for my mental health.  Watching the ripples in the water and catching glimpses of fish splash up and back down into their environment.  I wish I was kayaking in a more secluded area where no motor boats were passing by.  The views of the waterfront homes were pretty nice, but it made me realize how surrounded I was by the hustle and bustle of society.  I believe it’s good for the soul to just escape and be one with nature every now and then… sit in silence and really appreciate how beautiful and simple nature is.
In addition to getting in my Vitamin D, I needed a recharge from being on the ship.  I always learn something from every underway that we go on.  No matter how mundane work can get, there’s at least one event or occurrence that randomly happens and you learn from it.  My events were successful, which always makes me happy.  Being in the middle of a workout/event while it’s going on and seeing the drive, motivation, competitiveness in people brings me satisfaction.  The hard work put into coordinating an event and hearing just one compliment can make all the difference in the world.  I know I won’t always make everyone happy, but you can’t always please everyone.  I have a position of power, and sometimes making a right decision isn’t always what I want to actually decide.  Which now leads to why I titled this post, “Position of Power.”
This past underway I got to witness something that most people don’t.  Sometimes things happen to us that are not in our favor, and often we have an automatic reaction of negativity or sadness.. and we question ‘why’ and also ‘what now’.  Through experience I think the best way is to try and understand both perspectives on the reasoning behind each individual’s decisions.  When someone in a position of power makes a decision, the goal is to focus on the overall mission/intent.  Sometimes you have to disregard what you internally may want to do because the separation between work and personal is necessary.  When the overall goal is compromised or wavered, it can cause a negative ripple effect down the road.  People might start questioning, things may get delayed, more issues may arise.. there’s many possibilities that are unknown, and so the safe and best thing is to stick with a decision that you know will be right at the end of it all.  I believe everything happens for a reason, and that obstacles are brought upon us so we can figure out how to overcome it, which brings about a persons’ character and how the obstacle is managed.  It’s necessary for a time of learning and growth.  It’s necessary so it will lead each of us into the next step and event in our lives, and as long as we go through life with a positive outlook and mentality (which isn’t always easy), then slowly the good things will come in due time.


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