2015 Post and Rants

Soo taking a break in writing/blogging is an understatement, I pretty much stopped writing.  A lot has happened since the last time I wrote.  I got caught up in work, moving, friends, family, life.  I would always tell myself that I need to write and should start back up again but the slightest thing would distract me from doing so.  It’s quite liberating, writing down my thoughts or days events, like keeping a journal… except less personal since it’s on the internet.  I’ve had a lot of thoughts lately that I felt the necessity to start this blog back up.
I made a long road trip a few weeks ago to Lafayette, GA to play some rugby and see some friends.  One of the reasons that I love playing rugby is that almost every weekend is an adventure.  I’m either going out of town or playing in my home city so it keeps the weekend interesting.  I miss being around certain friends that I grew up with during college, definitely a growing stage in my life, but I consider them family.  I thought a lot that weekend, it felt different, in a content way.  Being at pitch-a-tent felt normal yet at the same time I felt out of place.  I haven’t gone in the past 3 years… I saw many familiar faces yet I saw even more unfamiliar faces.  Quite frank, I felt OLD!  The debauchery that occurs there was something that I didn’t really care to partake in anymore.  I think this is how you know you’re getting old.  This is not to say that I didn’t have a good time, the most fun I had was playing with people I knew and just simply being around those people afterwards, talking and hanging out.
I would say within the past year, my priorities have changed from having this need to settle to focusing more on work.  Saying “focusing on work” sounds kinda dull, but what I really mean by that is focusing on my passion.  The switch from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast has been super positive.  I absolutely love the command I am currently with.  Prior I didn’t want to go on another deployment, at this stage I am ready to head out and “go do great things” (just like my 1st class likes to say every single morning muster).  I have a vision, I have a plan, and I’m excited to execute my ideas.


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