Mistakes = Growing

I’m going to start with a quote from someone who has made a significant difference in how I live my life:

I’m in the process of learning and I will be until forever. Part of life is growing up and getting better… I’ve finally figured out that if you aren’t doing your best to do that, you aren’t living. Sometimes you need a good kick in the ass to get you going that direction, but ultimately only can you decide to do that.

We all experience life through our thought processes and actions, whether these actions are good or bad that is all up to us and then we experience the outcome of it. When we all talk about mistakes and making bad choices, it doesn’t necessarily make us bad people (unless you’re a serial killer and puppy hater), it makes us human. Without these bad choices we won’t know how to become better or understand our ownselves for the future.
“And I will be until forever.” In my view that translates to the mistakes and bad choices that we will continue to make in the future. No one person is perfect and can always make the right choices. I can already tell you that in 10 years from now I’m going to do something absolutely stupid and think to myself wtf. But that’s life. From past experiences you can look back and try to avoid similiar situations, but each one is different and only allows you to grow stronger inside. And amongst all of this, it takes your own mind to understand these mistakes and how to become better, not anyone else. “…but ultimately only can you decide to do that.”
All of that is easier said than done, so then people ask, “Well how can I understand that and when?” For myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that all “what if” questions and future possibilities lies in one answer, which is TIME. And it is not the amount of time itself, but what has happened within that time frame that will answer your question.
What have you experienced?
What have you done?
What haven’t you done?
Who have you met?
Where are you now?
What is currently important to you?
Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a few months and other times it takes yearrrrs. BUT, you will know the answer to the questions when you are supposed to. When exactly? Only your gut will tell you.
I think it’s also important to understand that other people make mistakes as well, and it’s unfair to judge people from their past or even their current actions because they can quickly look back and rethink their mistake, whether it’s something they said or did. They could be in a similiar situation as you so if you want to be given a fair chance, then give others a fair chance as well. My mind is quite perplexed, something very few understand, but without the quote above from a special person in my heart, I might not be thinking like this today.
And so lets say you make a mistake today… what are you going to do to fix it or make it better? What can you do to become stronger? I’m a huge fan of, “the little things.” You’d be surprised how little things make a BIG difference. And how you choose to become better and stronger is totally up to you… maybe make 1 person smile today who was down, maybe hold the door for someone, maybe pick something up that someone dropped, the options are endless.
But it’s all these little things that will continue build your character… and only you can go to bed at night, knowing what you’ve done, and if you’re lucky someone will see all these little things and appreciate it.


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