People often gawk at me and think I’m crazy for paying to attend CrossFit when there’s a free gym for me to go to on base. I look at them and think to myself, “You just don’t get it and are missing out.” This morning I did a grueling workout that took me about 50 frickin minutes just to complete. That’s A LOT of working out non-stop. Working out right next to me however, was this older lady… I would say between late 50’s or 60’s. Now it’s not too often you see the older generation in a gym with young, muscle-packed, athletic, workout guru’s. But I think this is what separates your typical gym. The fact that she just finished the workout was inspiring to me, and the fact that everyone else in the gym motivated her to push through was even better.
Even as a trainer myself, there were moments of exhaust and minor mental breakdowns, but then I looked over next to her and kept going. If she can do it then I can do it, and so can everyone else. It didn’t matter that she used less weight. It didn’t matter that it might’ve taken her longer. All that mattered was that she was there, working out, finishing the workout, and not giving up.
I pay to attend these classes because of the motivation you can’t quite get while working out at a gym with your earphones in. You get to know and bond with people who have the same goal of improving their health and fitness. You push yourself harder because the person next to you is going all out or because you want to finish quicker or lift more weight. I mean how likely are you to go home all by yourself and do 130 wall balls or 100 burpees just for the hell of it?! Perhaps some people will, I’d say a smaller percentage, but most of us won’t without some sort of external motivation.
So when it comes down to it, you can’t put a price on the sense of community and bond you get, and more importantly, your health.
My motto is to make a difference, 1 person at a time, and in turn, that 1 person will help someone else. Next thing you know it, positivity is spreading and most often times that’s all it takes without you realizing it. I’d like to share a blog from a former rugger teammate who is doing just that… transforming into a healthier self and sharing her story to inspire others along the way who may be struggling or going through the same thing.
Here it is, it’s called “I Can Do Anything, My Journey Into A Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul” ———
Please support and no matter how you decide to train and improve your health, surround yourself with positive like-minded people, inspire others, and you will be on your way to success!


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