Comfort Zone

As tempting as it is to even remotely consider moving closer to home, there’s no practical reason to do just so. My job here is too good at the moment to pass up and move on, I’m not ready to move on and life has only just begun. I reminesce and miss my friends every day, but returing to what’s comforting and to what my heart has always known isn’t the best way to make decisions.
As I sit here and write, I’m growing… unfortunately not in height inches, but personally inside me I’m growing and learning as an individual. If I went back to what’s comforting then I would be taking a step back in life and not moving forward. I wouldn’t grow as independent as I’ve become or see many other people’s perspectives in culture, life, everything. I also look at other people who don’t get the priviledge as I’ve gotten to have the opportunity to travel, leave home, and work. I’ve seen many people who have lived in the same area their whole lives because that’s what they know. They claim that they’re happy but without taking chances and stepping out of everything you know, do you truly understand your own capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses?
Washington is challenging me emotionally. But I am forever grateful of the true friends I have that I continue to talk to who unbeknowst to them, give me far greater strength than I can ever ask for and repay. Your true friends are the ones you continue to talk to no matter how far the distance, remember that.
My take-away here is to get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, experience new things. In certain times, go back for a visit, but only a visit. Move forward, grow, learn, be better every day. You’re never alone. Keep those with you who are great to you and be great back.


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