Mental Toughness

Sweat dripping off my forehead, heart is pounding and I can hear every single thud… my chest is heaving as I’m trying to catch my breath. I stare down at the barbell and talk myself into picking up that damn thing again and just finish.
My body is tired, but not defeated… my mind becomes weak, but not defeated.
So I tell myself that I can do it, that I can finish this workout. I look around and see other people struggling, I can hear the weights dropping, so I know I’m not the only one. What separates myself from everyone else struggling is that I mentally pick myself back up and give myself a boost of motivation. PICK IT UP AND FINISH ALREADY! A few minutes later… I’m done. Not sure what some of you were thinking as you started reading this, but this isn’t 50 Shades of Grey πŸ™‚
The mind is a powerful tool in which I believe many people don’t think about (no pun intended) to utilize while performing a difficult task. Someone might think that in order to run a marathon they just have to train more, yes, that will help you physically, but once you’re out there running, are you mentally ready to run for longer periods? In this post I’d like to go over a few factors that I think are crucial to mental toughness.
1. Self-Motivation
2. Discipline
3. Focus
4. Confidence
A lot of these factors kind of play into each other, but each has it’s own purpose that will help you to succeed.
Self-Motivation. I think somewhere inside of us is a little self-motivation that we just need to learn how to unlock. Some people have high self-motivation, and some people have low self-motivation. This is important to have because you can’t always rely on other people to motivate you in your tasks. When it comes down to it, do you have it in you to push through when no one else is around?
Discipline. Think long term when it comes to discipline. Achieving your goals takes time so working out for one day isn’t going to make you skinny. We have to train ourselves to stay on task to see results. And it can start by simple behavior modifications that can evolve into a permanent healthy lifestyle. For example, only drinking water every day might be something someone would do to begin losing weight. The next step would be to incorporate more fruits and vegetables, and then perhaps keeping a food diary. After taking all of those small steps to discipline yourself, you’re already on the road to healthy living.
Focus. If you’re like me, my mind wanders… A LOT. You might get distracted… A LOT. Life happens, we get bumps in the road such as traveling, injuries, or relationship issues. When those things get in the way, we have to remain focus on the goal or task. Heck, focus on YOU. For once, be selfish and think about the goal that YOU are wanting to accomplish. If you continue to get distracted with those bumps in the road, then the time it’ll take to fit in those size 10 jeans will take a looooong time.
Confidence. I watch those fat loss shows all the time and it amazes me how much confidence people gain and their attitude towards others and life change after the losing weight. I think this is important to have because if you go into a situation self-defeated with a lack of confidence, then it is unlikely that you will succeed. Your mind dictates your actions.
Q. How does one build self-confidence?
A. Learning to DISCIPLINE yourself through small changes that FOCUS on yourself to build SELF-MOTIVATION in order to achieve your goals.


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