Oh Mr. Sun, Please Shine Down On Me!

It seems that every time I make a big move, I’m compelled to write… and it just so happens that I’m at a Starbucks, contemplating about my future. When I moved to Knoxville I found a Starbucks and did the same. I always find it interesting because a year or two down the road, I could go from being a bit lost and having very little friends, to knowing everyone in town. I don’t know if Washington will be the same. And I’m curious as to how things will be for me in the future.
Bremerton is a small quaint town across the water from Seattle. I took Dakota for a walk today and as she trotted along, I found some beautiful spots here and there. Even in the most remote places you can find some breath-taking views overlooking the water, tall pine trees, and old houses. So far the weather is ehh. It’s cool during the day, cloudy, the sun comes out more so in the afternoon, and then it gets cold at night. Thank goodness for electric heaters! The weather even has made me contemplate about my future. How long will I be a Fitboss for the Stennis? Am I going to live here for the rest of my life? Hell No! Retirement in sunny Florida sounds pretty good to me!
It’s the beginning of summer and not many people are around here. Summer season is slow with activity, and I’m finding that I miss my friends from Knoxville and Hattiesburg extremely. Granted, all of them are only a text away, there’s still that known distance that makes me feel somewhat… lonely. It’s somewhat contradicting however, because when I lived in either of those cities, I enjoyed being a home-body and having my alone time. Maybe it’s the fear of not being as close anymore. The fact that I can’t just randomly call someone and say, “Lets get together” or something.
I met one of my neighbors, older, smokes outside often, but very friendly. She has many grandchildren so I always hear them playing outside. Dakota and myself both disapprove, but so far they haven’t bothered us too much. πŸ™‚
I finally got my car yesterday from this nice old man and his co-worker. It took 8 days to transport it from Mississippi to Washington.. and I’m damn glad that I did not make that trip myself! For some reason I typically have a bad image in my head about truck drivers. These two however, were very professional and extremely nice, but kept lecturing me about Jesus Christ. Now I am one to fully respect your beliefs and the way you choose to live your life so long as it is not affecting me in a negative way, but he was very persistent in converting me. I think that’s when I stop having patience with people and what they believe. If I respect your beliefs, why can’t you respect mine? He was able to get me thinking about a few things. Questions in my head that I’ve always had, and still have. Questions that I don’t think that I’ll ever get the answer to. The thought of God and other religions have always intrigued me, more so in the exploration realm. For now, I’m sticking to what’s in my head and heart.
Today I went to the ship to unload all my personal items from my stateroom. It’s sooo weird to see the ship being active and out at sea to almost like an empty ghost town. It was quiet, a few people here and there, finding my way around is a piece of cake now! I start work again tomorrow, I have a lot of catching up to do, but I’m excited to get things going again. I hear that my job is slow and boring when we’re not out at sea, as glamorous as that sounds to not do much yet still get paid, I’m going to make sure that that doesn’t happen. Volunteering is always productive and I can always get creative with a few ideas. Perhaps my unrestlessness and active mind can be a good thing…


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