The Glamour Life

Perspective. I found 2 definitions that have similar meanings in very different ways.
1. the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance
2. the appearance to the eye of objects in respect to relative distance and positions
The moment I stepped in Dubai my first thought was, “holy wow.” This place is beautiful with amazing buildings and structures. There’s so many resorts and shopping malls and it felt like I was in Hollywood or what you would see in TV with all the rich folks.
My hotel room was extravagant and definitely not what I was expecting to get. I asked myself how the hell did I get this, not that I was complaining, but never really been around such nice things all for myself. So I’m soaking it all in and enjoying it the past few days. I walked around the mall a few times because this place is just HOOOOGE. There’s a movie theater, supermarket, and even an indoor ski resort here! So that alone can take up a day or 2 of my time. But even during the first night I was here, I almost felt bad for having such a nice room. Lets just say that it’s a few hundred bucks a night to be where I’m at, times 3 more nights! I just don’t think that it’s all necessary to spend that much for a room, and for me at that. In my mind I’d rather spend the money on something more useful or perhaps even give it someone who actually needs it.
Also, people do everything here for you. They take your bags and carry it for you, they open the elevator for you, they are always asking if I want anything… yes, that’s nice and all, but personally I’d rather do it myself. I’d rather take my bags just to know that its in good hands and I don’t have to wonder where they went with it and when is it going to get to my room. I simply asked for regular coffee and they ask if I want something fancy like mochas or cappucinos or tea lattes. It’s like they were stunned when I asked for just plain black coffee.
I’d like to consider myself self-sufficient, but it’s kinda hard around here when that’s what they’re trained to do. I think if I had all the money in the world I’d still go back to how I was living in Hattiesburg. I’d still find a cheap and reasonable rent, take junk and create something useful out of it, and just do everything myself. I mean sure I’d probably buy extra things that I probably don’t need, but having the security of knowing I’ll be financially stable is more of what I’m seeking.
So, how does all of this relate to perspective? Well, the first definition is how we truly see things because we have either been there first hand or experienced it. I’m experiencing it now, and honestly, I prefer my simplistic ways. The 2nd definition is perspesctive from the human eye. We see celebrities on television a lot that make others appear great and glamorous, so we assume that we want what they have because they have big cars and houses and shit ton of money. But that perspective doesn’t give us the full spectrum. So just because certain things/situations seem appealing, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Try to fully understand all 360 degrees of it if you can, it opens up the mind greatly.


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