Hello Friends, Peace Out America!

So I survived my first week of training here in Norfolk, Virginia for the start of my new career. I definitely got dropped with a lot of knowledge bombs… especially with acronyms. Dear god my head is like a computer hardware right now with floating numbers and letters! I’ll eventually get it though.
I’ve had all sorts of emotions all week: excited, anxious, happy, sad, numb, worried, uplifted, blessed.
I remember sitting in my room in Hattiesburg one day, applying for numerous jobs and asking myself when I’m going to find that perfect job for me. When am I going start doing something I love and be able to make a living out of it and survive through its means. That’s not the only time I’ve thought about it… even during my year after college still living in Knoxville I remember sitting on that big comfy brown couch and wondering when I’m going to leave that place and finally find something that I’ve meant to do. (I also remember while sitting on that couch how a certain someone passed out on my floor wasted, just thought I’d throw that in there.) 🙂 It’s like all of those job rejections and disappointments and difficult decisions were meant to happen. After thinking about it, it all makes sense. It all has its place and purpose, although at the time it wasn’t what I wanted to hear and I wished I got the job or whatever the situation was. The time in between definitely sucked, but it also helped me grow… and become broke. But you have one life. Find something you love, stick to it, and enjoy it.
This week I’ve learned that I’m definitely one of few lucky individuals to possess this job. I think there are about 20-30 fitboss and funbosses throughout the Navy. It’s rare that civilians get deployed and not have military duty, but still get to travel around the world and be a part of the fun side of it through port visits/tours and such. I know I’ll get a lot of privileges, but my main focus is and will always be to help people become more fit and see them improve. Knowing this also helps me focus on completing this first deployment. I miss my kid like whoa. And I mean WHOA! Now I know how parents feel when they send their kids off to college!  I’ll see Dakota soon enough, and I’m definitely thankful to have great friends to take care of her. 🙂
Today I depart to fly around the other side of the world and start working. So because I won’t be able to communicate with people very much via phone, I’ve decided to create this blog and write about my adventures (for those of you who care to keep up with what I’m doing).


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