Hurricane Isaac Partaaay

Well, this dude looks like he’s ready for the hurricane!  Mmmm, Natural Light (gag).
Alright so seriously… I’m writing this as it is a few good hours before 4 of my friends/roommates, 4 dogs, and myself are going to get hit with the storm.  As I was driving back from working out earlier, I saw people scrambling last minute to buy water, food, ice, other necessities, oh, and gas went up 8 cents since yesterday!  CraZINesS!! Businesses will be closing early and we’ll probably have a curfew.

So what do you do during times like these?!  Since you can’t go to the gym, why not increase your fitness knowledge by reading a few blogs and articles!  Here’s 3 picks of some top blogs (in no particular order) that I frequent a few times a week.  Hope you learn something, enjoy!

Robertson Training Systems – check out his Bullet Proof Knees articles and other corrective exercise articles!

Lou Schuler – author of all “The New Rules of Lifting for…. (women, abs, life) ” books

American College of Sports Medicine – read their latest articles on researched fitness/health/wellness content, good stuff!


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