Change, no I’m not talking about quarters, nickels, and dimes. I’m referring to an alteration in life that you make. Although both can have similarities… donating a few cents can make a huge difference in what someone’s meal could be just as one small decision of change can alter your course in life. Change can be good if you know what is changing, and it can also scare the sh*t out of you if the change is unknowing. A few good friends of mine have told me that sometimes change is good, and you’ll never know the outcome if you don’t take that leap. If you don’t like the outcome then you can always go back. I have great friends. πŸ™‚ However, that statement is very true. Not knowing anything can be intimidating and changing situations usually puts people in an uncomfortable position. But if people stay where they are because they’re scared, then are they truly experiencing life to the fullest? My philosophy is to always try so you won’t have those “what if” questions later down the road. If something doesn’t work out your way then at least you know the answer to it and will know that another opportunity will present itself in the future.
Failure. Perhaps people are afraid to change so they won’t fail. Failing could be a good thing though. I often wish I could teach people how to see the glass half full as opposed to half empty. Failing is how we all learn to pick ourselves back up and try again, no matter what it is. Just like we have to learn how to crawl before we walk and walk before we run. It’s all a process of learning, growing up, and it should be never-ending.
I’m making a change soon to move back to Hattiesburg as I try and continue my search for something full time. My lease ends here soon so going down there will allow me to stay at my friend’s place without a contract. Some people might wonder why the change when I have no job there. My gut tells me that it’s time to go. It’s weird how about 6 months ago I had HUGE doubts in moving and taking a job and now I am absolutely without-a-doubt just mentally ready to leave. There is a total completely different feeling between then and now and it amazes me how intuition plays a major role in decision making. I’m definitely one to follow my gut. I always have been. Sometimes it’s been bad and other times it’s been good. Either way I think these little decisions play an important part of what’s to happen in the future, as well as the people you meet and have in your life. Thinking back, I’m pretty sure some people would not be in my life now nor would I be as close to them now had I left. And that’s a sad thought.
So… to change or not to change? That is the question. (Thank you Shakespeare) I say listen to your gut, but if it’s because you’re scared then just go for it. You’ll have friends and family to fall back on in case it doesn’t end up working out right. Go find the answer yourself so later down the road you won’t have to ask yourself, “Well what if I……”


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