Training Log

Power Clean Pulls 5×3 @ 135lbs, superset with
Max reps Ring Dips
MetCon: 5 Rounds for Time
Double Unders – 30
Barbell Lunge @ 65lbs -15
Tuck Jumps – 20
*I finished in 13 minutes 50 seconds

So 2nd month doing CrossFit now (I’m officially addicted) and I’ve definitely learned a lot about the purpose of some these movements, more exact techniques, and even some stuff about myself as a participant. What I enjoy about these trainers is that they are precise in their technique and take the time to go around and make sure everyone is performing the exercise properly. I’ve heard complaints from other people who do crossfit at other places so I believe it’s all about just finding the right facility.
When I first began these classes I definitely was skeptical due to my physiology background and what I’ve been taught. I’ll admit I’m still a bit skeptical but I enjoy doing the workouts because they challenge me around an environment that allows for me to push myself. I’m also quite competitive and have caught myself talking to myself in the middle of the workout to keep going. (I’m not crazy, I promise.)
But I’ve learned to tone down my “arrogant-ness” when it comes to finding/doing heavy weights. In a typical gym I tend to lift heavier than the average female, but with the intensity and the reps included in these workouts, lower weight for me is better. I taught myself how to rearrange my thinking when it comes to choosing weight for a metcon by thinking about my usual weight and then considering the reps/time/power output required. It’s easy to get excited about lifting heavy weight, but precise technique is key to perform these movements safely and for full functional effect. Til next time, SHUT UP AND SQUAT! πŸ™‚


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