Which Path Do I Take?

A few more weeks and a final decision needs to be made. Ever wonder why logic and emotion never agree on each other? No matter how much you want to convince yourself that somehow they will merge together? My current issue is to either stay in Knoxville for another year or 2 or just make that leap and move to Pensacola. Logic says to stay in Knoxville… I have more contacts, more network opportunities, and it’ll be a good base to stay on my feet as I move forward with my career. Emotion says to take a chance and just move already! I have less contacts, will have to form a rugby team, and obviously work much harder to stay on my feet. I believe I have the determination to make it though. I think I can make it happen.

I’ve asked almost everyone I could think of for their advice. It’s funny that most people are saying to stay in Knoxville, but if I move to Pensacola then they’re for sure coming to visit. Thanks for using me guys! ha, j.k. If I get this one phone call at the end of next week I think I’ll go ahead and say yes. And it’s somewhere else I haven’t really mentioned much. But this job will give me a definite salary and benefits, and I can continue to build up my clientele on the side. However, with my luck I’m going to make the assumption that I’m not going to get it and move forward with my plan to basically work for myself. The thought of working under terrible management again is daunting and something I know I can’t deal with. So the best solution: build up my own business, work freely whenever I want, and listen to my instincts. Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea!


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