Job Hunting is Like an Over-Populated Maze, so Grab a Chainsaw and Make Your Own Path

Imagine: You wake up in the morning and take a peak out the window and see that it’s a beautiful day. Sun in shining, the sky is bright blue, and the leaves are waving from the gentle breeze. So you decide to go to the beach for the day and sit back in your beach chair, sun glasses on, hands behind your head, legs stretched out in front, listening to the ocean sounds. AAANNND PAUSE! So that’s what I’m envisioning when I move from Knoxville to wherever I land a job. Which I’ve been applying mainly in Florida and the east coast area. I think the job market is still tough nowadays. You apply online and you have to wait for weeks, even months to hear something back. And if they’re really inconsiderate then you won’t hear anything back from them whatsoever! I’m currently trying to find my place in the fitness world. Establishing a name with legit credits and networking with other fitness professionals. It’s like no matter what industry you work in, someone else is always a step ahead or it seems like everyone else wants what you want. Back in the days, having a bachelor’s degree was enough. But now almost anyone can get a bachelor’s degree so you have to have a master’s degree to be considered. And soon enough any yahoo out there can get a master’s degree so you’ll have to have a PhD.
So what am I doing to separate myself from everyone else? I started reading this book by Guy Kawasaki, and it’s called, “Reality Check: The irreverent guide to outsmarting, outmanaging, and outmarketing your competition.” It’s really interesting because it’s current with what you need to know and do as young entrepreneurs. I’m basically developing my backup plan if I can’t land a full-time position. Plus, I’ve always wanted to have my own “on the side” personal training service either online or on-site. Personal training is one thing I’ll never stop doing. So what’s good about this book is the way the author writes to the reader. He gives you the information that you need to know…. I’ll call it more of a “no bullshit” approach. My favorite chapter is Chapter 87: The No-Asshole Rule. It talks about the workplace and how not to become an asshole and how to deal with assholes. I laughed throughout that chapter because many things popped in my head from my past experiences/jobs.
I think knowledge is key here. Although I graduated and haven’t been studying for assignments, I’m always reading to learn something new or to discover new ideas and trends. I believe those who take the time to read and have the drive to increase their knowledge will be much more successful in the long run. Unless you just so happen to get lucky… which luck, hasn’t been consistently by my side.


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