I Finally Graduated!

Well, I did it! I made it through grad school and can finally say I have a master’s degree, wooo! It’s been a rough two years and I seriously can’t believe that I’m done. If people only knew the things I truly went through and almost dropping everything I had twice. What kept me going were my good friends from home telling me to keep going… the sport of rugby throughout it all… and well, I kept telling myself what a dumbass I would be if I quit this great opportunity right in front of me that others do not have the privilege of doing.
So now what? Well I’m currently looking for a job in the southeast and as of right now, it’s looking quite grim. I can always fall back on just starting out as a personal trainer and work my way up, however, I feel that with my educational background, I should be able to start higher. I’ve always had a business mindset growing up as a kid. Making profit out of simple things I can make or buy in bulk to sell. I can thank my parents for passing down that trait in me. They are entrepreneurs themselves, coming into the United States not knowing how to speak English and now they run their own business and have been pretty damn successful. So I’m slowly developing my own personal training service via online and if I use my resources correctly I think I can pull it off… with the help of course by my friends through word of mouth as well. πŸ™‚
I won’t miss the city of Knoxville but I will admit that I’ll miss many people here. It’s weird when I hear some people say that they don’t want to move somewhere because they don’t know anyone. Change can be scary without having someone by your side, however, good change won’t happen if you don’t go out and try. I came here without really knowing anyone. Two years later no matter where I go, I know or recognize someone. It’s crazy! But I love it.


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