I Meet a Celebrity (In my eyes)!!!

In my last blog post I talked about attending the Healthy Living Expo. Well I went and guess who I got to finally meet in person?! Sheryl Johnson, Pink Team from The Biggest Loser!!! I was soo hyped when I got to meet her because I love watching the show and meeting someone from it was just awesome! It was really hard to get to her because there were a bunch of older women who were constantly asking questions and relating similarities of weight loss problems and all that jazz. It was like they were seeking a counseling session from her. But finally before the expo closed, she noticed that I came back and talked to me, so that was cool.
So far the challenge has been going great! I only advertised 10 available spots but allowed 1 more because she called me and sounded super excited and I just couldn’t turn her down. Hey, why turn down people who want to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle?! From what I’ve experienced so far I think the hardest part is when the participants are out on their own and they don’t know how to control or handle their nutrition. What you eat plays a HUGE part in your results. I’d say exercise and nutrition is about 50/50. Because you can bust your ass and workout every single day; however, if you go home and make poor choices in what you eat then your hard work is basically a waste. Well, maybe not a complete waste… I’ll call it a stalemate.


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