Take The Challenge!

I created a ‘biggest loser’ themed challenge at work for the students, faculty, and staff here at UT. I’m hoping it’ll be a big hit. So basically it’s a 6 week challenge where you get to workout with your trainer at the beginning of the week and then you’ll get a workout-to-go to do on your own and then get reassessed at the end of the week to make you stay on track. Continue that for 6 weeks and then there will be a ‘final weigh-in’ at the end of the 6th week. I’m going to use the bulletin board in the fitness area so people can keep up with their exercise and log what they did that day. That’s what I’ll call my “accountability tool” to keep them motivated during the week when they aren’t with their trainers. Ideally I’d like to hit the older population… those who work here in the office and don’t exercise as much. After 2 days of putting the flyers out I already have 2 people interested in it so I’m pumped about that!

I think this is a good setup because it teaches the client to learn how to exercise on their own. The end of the week meeting allows the trainer to stay on top of the client if they don’t meet their weekly exercise goals. Once the challenge is done, hopefully the client will be able to maintain staying active without the aid of a trainer.
Next weekend there is a Healthy Living Expo that I’m going to attend. What a coincidence that there will be 3 former Biggest Loser contestants at the expo! I’m totally stoked about that!


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