My Clients Motivate Me

So now that school is winding down for me and I don’t have as many classes that take up my time, I’m starting to pick up some clients at the rec center. I don’t get paid for it but I’ll just use that time as part of my office hours. I’ve come to realize that I enjoy training more than I do sitting at my desk. I actually hate sitting at my desk. It’s so boring but sometimes I’ve just got to take care of some work. The best part of my job is being able to go down at the fitness area and be around the employees and monitoring the place. I love interacting with people and socializing with them. Or sometimes I’ll just awkwardly stare at people who obviously don’t know what they are doing as they’re working out! I love clients who are self-motivated and ready for a good workout. Their enthusiasm gets me going and only motivates me to want to be the best trainer they’ve ever had.

I started reading this book called, “The Naked Warrior” by Pavel Tsatsouline, and I’m beginning to really like the information that he writes. I also have two other books from Pavel that talks about kettlebells. One thing that I’ve already tried from this book is the push-up with the grip tightness. It tells you to do 5 regular push-ups, and then to do 5 more but grip the floor as hard as you can with your fingertips. The tension of the muscles building up from your fingertips, through your forearms, and into your shoulders and armpits should make doing those 5 push-ups a lot easier. Needless to say I was skeptical and curious so I tried it out. To my amazement it worked really well! Strength doesn’t necessarily mean having to bulk up your muscles, but to learn to focus and tense your muscles while performing work. I experimented with it during my leg workout when I did squats. I did about 6 sets of squats, building up to at least 145 pounds. I never went to failure (which is what the book suggests) and once I got to 145 pounds I didn’t do more than 6 reps (another suggestion from the book). Keep in mind that I only weight 135 pounds, I managed to squat 175 pounds for 4 reps! I was so stoked and happy about my workout that day. This upcoming Tuesday is going to be my leg workout again so I’m anticipating to see how much I can lift this next round.


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