Life Update

Okay so I just wanted to give a little update on myself. I am not blogging as much as I want to, my apologies. I move in less than a month and I cannot be more excited. The best news I have to deliver here is that I recently got offered the Fitness Graduate Assistantship at UTK’s recreational department. I honestly didn’t think I would get it because the position is soo competitive with everyone applying and also within the past few years there are so many people who are really getting into the fitness industry now. Why I got chosen of all the people out there… I have no clue but I will gladly accept it and do my best.
I just got done with my chemistry pre-requisites, grade pending, so I’ve been busy with that. I will admit that my effort hasn’t been the best in those classes. I absolutely just can’t get into the subject and therefore my mind becomes easily distracted. I’d much rather read my anatomy books any day than have to deal with chemistry. Which is exactly what I did today after working out. I went to my local coffee shop and opened up my Essentials to Strength Training & Conditioning book and started to read it. I’m determined to obtain my CSCS Certification but want to feel 100% confident about taking the exam because it is a $300 exam, and failing that would be like throwing all that hard earned money in the trash.
Rugby 15’s is over and I have been in rugby withdrawal as of lately due to no more practice and not many games around my area. However, summer 7’s is here so I’m excited about that. I’m not exactly sure how rugby will work out in the Fall semester because I have a full schedule ahead of me. I hope to god that I will be able to go to the majority of the games and a few certain weekend tournaments. Rugby maintains my sanity when life becomes stressful!!
As far as my workouts go, I have incorporated more cardio into my routine. I still train 6 days out of the week and train pretty damn hard at that. I’ve begun to see more definition in my quads and just overall legs so I’m happy with that. This summer I want to focus more on endurance training and lay off my explosive/power workouts for a bit. I’ll probably start that back up once the Fall semester kicks into gear.
Well, that is the update on me, my next blog I want to write about the different intensity techniques that we can use in our workouts to change things up a bit. So look out for that next.


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