My Body Officially Hates Me

So I haven’t updated this thing in a while… I have been super busy with rugby, school work, training, and well, stuff like that. Last weekend I traveled to Nashville, TN to play rugby at NashBash. Needless to say our team did very well! We won our first 2 games against W. Illinois and Wisconson and lost our last game against Marquette by 1 frickin try at the very LAST MINUTE of the game! Very frustrating that it ended like that but I’m proud of our girls.
After last weekend, my body feels like it has been in shut-down mode. I haven’t stepped foot in the gym at all this week, I’ve slept soo much more than I usually do, and on Monday when I decide to actually eat full meals my stomach hurts and still has to this day! Currently I am a slave to Tums, Rolaids, and Pepto!
Previously my diet consists of liquid diets just because it’s simple, I don’t get that “full” feeling that I hate from eating real food, and well, it just tastes good. I mean I’ll eat like real food everyday as something to snack on, just not a full course meal. I haven’t been eating too much the past 2 days because I’ve discovered that my stomach will not get upset if I don’t eat, and sometimes the pain is unbearable. I know I know, it’s not healthy, I think all that training and lack of sleep is finally catching up to me.
To top it all off I will be traveling to Atlanta this weekend for more rugby! I know I’ll be playing at least 2 games… and probably more, if my body will allow me to anyways.

I have officially 2 more months until I move!!! I am sooo stoked and ready for a change. I hope these next 2 months will fly by really fast. Okay, I’m starting to get tired again and it’s almost noon on a Thursday! My body hates me…


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