Choosing a Trainer… no wait, a client

So I know there are alot of articles out there dealing with how to choose a good personal trainer, but flip it around and lets discuss for trainers on how to know when to accept a good client. There’s going to be situations where you’ll find a client who is difficult to train due to many different reasons:
1. they’re not motivated and someone made them get a trainer
2. they’re bored so they decided to get a trainer just to see what it’s like
3. they’re late all the time so training them will not have a good effect b/c time is limited
4. they make excuses and complain alot about their body and why they can’t perform certain exercises
5. they’ll train with you but go home and end up consuming all calories lost
Those are only a few of the reasons that I’m able to think of currently and I’m sure the list will continue as I continue to learn and grow in this industry.
So as a trainer, when do you say enough is enough and when do your philosophy and morals on training come into play when training difficult clients? I’ve had a discussion with my former trainer I interned with and he’s brought up many good points.
Some people are okay with training clients while getting no results because it’s the client’s money that they’re getting and is being wasted. That situation would affect my personal philosophy so I don’t think I’d be able to do that. In that case, what you could do is sit down with your client and talk to them and explain the situation to better work with them; if they don’t correct their behavior then allow another trainer to train them. My motivation of being a trainer is being able to see results. I would feel as if I’m not doing my job properly if I don’t see results. I’ve learned that in the long run it’s not all about the money, money is a way of survival, but being happy and love what you doing in life is something that is irreplacable. So far I love what I doing… I don’t tell myself that “I’m going to work,” which I technically am, but I see it as “I’m going to go help these people become healthier and educate them on what I know about exercise and being fit.”


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