The Biggest Loser Conundrum

Everywhere I turn I seem to find “The Biggest Loser” logo on everything. I turn on the telly yesterday and even Dr. Phil is on the biggest loser bandwagon. Hell, my gym wants to start doin something like that as well! You ever wonder exactly why “The Biggest Loser” seems to draw people’s attention to want to lose weight? It’s like they see those words so it must mean that they’ve GOT to lose weight. But, sometimes I think that people don’t realize the extent to their training. Those people are stuck on a ranch working out for hours and hours every day, and their diet is controlled as well. You’re not going to do that every single day in reality, yet people are soo convinced that if they partake in a ‘biggest loser’ anything then that’s their answer! Oh how the mind can have soo much power over you.
I’m not hating on The Biggest Loser at all… in fact I love the show because I like watching anything that deals with working out. I love seeing the transformations as well, I think that is what really catches my eye. I think that catches everyone’s eyes as well and that’s when they start believing that doing something dealing with The Biggest Loser will automatically mean that they’ll lose weight. Sure it’s a good tool to use as a motivator, but in my opinion people can lose weight and actually keep it off with just good old hard work and dedication. It’s like people don’t want to work hard at things anymore… it’s all about those “quick fixes.” And quick fixes alot of the times is only temporary. I saw an episode of Oprah about a week ago and one of the the past winners of The Biggest Loser, Eric, I believe is his name had gained back alot of his weight. They showed how skinny he had gotten and then seeing him on the show how he was, was just stunning to me. It’s like all of that hard work and time– out the window. Gradual weight loss is the way to go if you want to shed pounds and keep it off. The average amount of weight for an individual to lose and still be healthy is about 2 pounds a week. Any more than that means that your caloric deficit is bigger than it probably should be, which can also affect your metabolism by slowing it down. And a slower metabolism equals less energy being burned.


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