Front Squats taking over Back Squats?

Recently I’ve switched from doing back squats to front squats. Performing front squats felt a bit odd at first so I started on the smith machine to better develop my form and get used to the load being in front. Then I decided to try it with the bar on the power rack and totally prefer front squats because I like the way it feels better than the back squat.
I read in a study that performing back squats puts more pressure on the knee; however, muscle activation and recruitment for both squats were the same. So if someone had a knee injury or joint issue around the knee then it would be best to do the front squat. Also, front squats put less pressure on your erector spinae because the load is in front and not on your back. I forgot where I read or heard this upcoming bit of information, but they said that performing front squats is preferred because it eliminates people, such as football players, from competing with each other and would reduce the risk of injury. I would agree with that because I’ve been in the weight room with Division I athletes and have seen guys load the bar to the point where it looks as if it’s about to break in half and attempt to squat a bar loaded with well over 500 lbs. The coaches encourage it, and some athletes are able to squat that much, but sometimes is that moment of “showing off” really worth the chance for an athlete to get injured? And if it’s a key player then they’d be pretty screwed…
My suggestions for performing the front squat:
-start on the smith machine or use just the bar and get the form right, form is key….. once you figure out your most comfortable foot position and have squated with a decent load for a few workouts then move onto the power rack
——for me, my legs are wider than usual and toes pointed slightly out so I can go deep
-during the ascending part, focus on driving up through your heels; imagine there’s a current flowing from your heels, to your calves, to your hamstrings, and finally to your glutes
-don’t be afraid to get the hip all the way back when descending, the weight in the front will help keep you balanced
-always keep your chest up, head up, and look up
-there are 2 ways to hold the bar: with your elbows pointed forward and bar on your fingertips, or with your arms crossed over in front…. I use the latter because it feels more comfortable, but either one is okay


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