Men vs. Women

Back to the blogging world. I have been busy studying for a chemistry test (which I passed!!) and being tutored and also helping friends with their homework as well. If people don’t pass the first test with a 60% or better than they are automatically dropped from the class so I have been studying studying studying!

All this training is finally starting to catch up with me! I have skipped my weight training only twice this past week but have rugby practice in place of it so I don’t feel too bad. I come out to practice with the men’s team as well because I have developed a devoted passion for the game over the past 5 years I’ve been playing. The women’s practice usually aren’t as intense as the the guys so it’s nice to go out to the men’s practice and do something different and something that will challenge my skills. Tonight we had a few new rookies out so obviously they’ve never been around the rugby world to realize that women are able to play and hit as hard, if not harder than men as well. I realize they’re trying to be nice and are concerned for my well-being, but it annoys the hell out of me every time they start asking if I’m okay when I go down. For me personally, I want to be treated like a rugby player when I’m on the field. Don’t treat me like I’m fragile and can’t take a hit… because as oddly as it sounds, I love to tackle. It is a complete rush when I’m able to attack my opponent properly to take back possession of the ball. And if I’m able to play against the men at the same intensity level during practice then it’ll only help me when I play a game against women. I am glad that I do live in a time where women are able to do what men are allowed, even though there are people out there who are still close-minded and would disagree. I feel that some sports are made for certain people and should be applied to the person’s physical capabilities and skills and not by sex. This blog can get deeper and turn into a total different conversation so I’ll just stop there. My main point that I’m trying to get across: unless I’m yelling at the top of my lungs holding onto a body part…. then I’m okay.

I’ve been off for a month from rugby which sucks because now my neck has to adapt to the soreness again. Previously when it’s near the end of the season, the pain that I get from playing hooker tends to decrease because I get so used to it. But once you take a short break from playing, the whole process starts all over again. There is an article in the Strength & Conditioning Journal about prehabilitation for the neck and spinal column for rugby. Basically it’s just alot of different stretches that gets progressively harder in order to prepare the muscles and surrounding areas for the demands of being a forward in rugby.


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