Power of the Mind

It’s amazing how much power our brain has over our behavior, actions, and abilities. Everything we do is affected by the way we perceive things around us, whether it be conscious or unconscious. What I mean by that is that we can say things consciously and tell ourselves that we can do certain things, but then our behavior, our actions take over and therefore what we truly feel or believe takes over (the unconscious). For example, last night at rugby practice my foot started hurting again from a sprained ligament. We practiced scrumming down and me being the hooker, had to hook the ball with the boys being our opposition. I think to myself that I’m going to get the ball from him with ease, but unfortunately the guys don’t know when enough is enough. Then again at times it’s not bad because if we can practice against the guys full force then it’ll help us out during a game against women. But anyways, once the ball’s in I tended to hesitate because I don’t want my foot to hurt again. Like, the shit hurts bad… imagine someone about 300 lbs stomping on your foot! Literally! So I know I can get the ball… but what my mind is afraid of is preventing me from doing what I know I’m capable of doing. Makes sense?
When you’re dealing with weight loss… you can’t make people want to lose weight or want to be healthy. Once they themselves are ready and decide that they want to make the change, then that’s when action can be taken and the process will be easier to help train him/her. (You should look up the Transtheoretical Model) And of course there’s gonna be bumps in the road and windows of opportunity to relapse, but if someone doesn’t want to lose weight or become more healthy and you’re tryin to train them, then it’s probably not going to end up successful. I used to be really big into advocating against tobacco… and pretty much the same concept applies to people who smoke and quitting. I’ve heard people say all the time that they’re going to quit, but they’re truly not ready to so therefore they “quit for a few days” and started smoking again.
I really think that the human body is damn fascinating with the things that we are capable of. The fact that we can trick our mind that we’ve ingested something that’s going to make us do big things when in fact we’re given a placebo and can perform what we thought we couldn’t do without. So never say you “can’t” do anything, because we can, we just chose not to.


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