Global Warming = Global Freezing?

I’ve discovered this new Dasani Plus water that I really really like. It tastes pretty damn good and has a feel of carbonation but it’s not carbonated. I used to be into the whole Vitamin Water but I got tired of that. I think it’s funny whenever a new trend starts so everyone jumps on the same band wagon and every company starts producing pretty much the same thing. But, it’s not a bad product in my opinion. Drinking that stuff is good if you don’t get enough vitamins & minerals to begin with. Or if you just don’t drink enough water.

Our first rugby practice was last night… waaay too cold to be doin anything! It’s crazy how only a few months ago it was still extremely hot in like November and now this cold front that’s sweeping down our way is extremely harsh! I must say that the temperature affects my willingness to want to participate especially when about 6 of us show up. But, on the brighter side I got a handful of recruits this morning when I joined the boys in recruiting. A few of them were iffy but the others seemed really excited so hopefully I’ll see them out next Wednesday.
I disagree with the way we begin our practice though now that I’ve read a few books and did some research. What we normally do is take a lap around the football field and then do static stretching. What we should do however, is do dynamic warm-ups or specific warm-ups. Basically we should prepare our muscles to perform what our sport demands us to do. It also includes simple plyometrics that will activate our hip flexors/extensors/abductors/adductors. By doing some of those it also activates our quad and hamstring muscle groups. It’s a much more effective way of getting the blood flowing to those areas instead of static stretching. I mean sure, we take one lap and everyone goes at their own pace so are the muscles really ready for stretching?! Probably not… and stretching a cold muscle isn’t the best idea. It could probably even be more detrimental than it would be a benefit. For example… say you had a frozen rubber band. What would happen if you decided to stretch that out without properly warming it up? It would probably break. Now say you had a regular rubber band at room temperature. What would happen if you stretched that out? It would stretch out much better than a frozen rubber band. So same concept with the muscles. Holding a static stretch for 30 seconds isn’t going to get the blood flowing fast when it’s like 30 something degrees outside. And so the best option would be to perform dyanmic warm-ups to elevate your body temperature and prepare your muscles for its future demands. Which of course warming up your muscles would help decrease the risk of injury. But nothing too strenuous before actual practice; some warm-up suggestions would be A-Skips, B-Skips, butt kicks, high knees, backwards run, back pedal, etc. using 20 yards of the field.


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