1st Day of Class

I am afraid, very afraid…. of my general chemistry class. I absolutely hate chemistry and could never grasp the whole concept of it in high school. Then again I never really cared to pay attention for it so that was probably a big reason for it as well. However, I need an ‘A’ in this class so I opted to sit in the very front this morning… hopefully that will allow me to make sure I pay attention to every single detail. Even though I’m already accepted into Grad School, it would look horrible if I came with low grades on prerequisite courses!!
I am about to get my first set of clients hopefully by the end of this week. My friend who I used to work for will now be working with me! And she gratefully got me 3 others… so I’m pretty stoked. I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything ready: Par-Q forms, policy forms, liability waivers, client profiles, workout sheets…. check, check, check, okay lets go!

Clean-Eating is getting tough. It’s kinda cool though cuz I saw something on TV about the book as well about how a few celebrities are doing this Clean-Eating too. But yeah… I still make sure that I always write down what I eat. I don’t keep anything at all in my apartment though that would be bad to snack on. I think I just need to get creative and start actually cooking stuff. I’m pretty lazy lately when it comes to making stuff. I do however, have ingredients to make a protein bar that I saw on The Video FitCast a few weeks ago with John Williams I believe. It’s simple enough and looked really good. I think it’s just getting tough cuz I’m eating almost the same thing every day. I normally don’t eat alot to begin with, but I feel like I’m constantly feeding myself cuz of the 5 to 6 meals a day thing… which I am, and I know it’s a good thing cuz it’ll constantly keep my metabolism running, but it just gets annoying I suppose…..
So starting this week I’m cranking up my workouts to incorporate more power, speed, and stability moves. Rugby practice starts Wednesday and I wanna see how my new workouts are going to affect my performance when we have a game February 7th against Memphis. The 7th can’t come fast enough and I am totally ready…


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