So What’s The Deal?!

If I rip out every single ad in the Muscle & Fitness magazine then the whole magazine would probably shrink half it’s size. Everyone is so hyped by these new products that now gives “scientific reasoning” that it works. Now, its not just a half page ad or even a 1 page ad… it’s like a 3 page article on their product trying to prove to us that if you take this supplement then it works. Plus, there’s soo many different kind of supplements out there nowadays that it’s so hard to figure out which ones to take. So how do you figure out which ones to buy? Hell if I know, I’m still trying to figure that out myself! For me personally, I just like to stick to the protein powders, which can be taken pre or post workout and I take Hydroxycut Max. Right now I’m drinking Muscle Milk because I have alot of it and am trying to get rid of it by this summer (I have like 3 tubs of different flavors). But you’ll find research after research that will contradict each other… and sure it sounds good when you read it at the time but then a month later you’ll read about how some other university did a study on it and found it to be not true. For example, I read an article on Glutamine about a month ago that highly praised it’s effect on muscle recovery after workout if we take it, and then I read an article today that claims that it’s not so great— that they used sedentary older adults post surgery so the effects on them appear to do wonders. So yeah… Plus, I’m tired of flipping ad after ad in the magazines. I just want to read good info! But I’d say to stick with the basics unless you’re trying to prepare for a bodybuilding or weightlifting competition. I have a friend who takes way too many supplements who just looks like your average joe, so that boggles my mind. And I have another friend who eats like a pig and is ripped like you wouldn’t believe! I know its all genetics for him… but are all these supplements really necessary?!


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