Influence of Others

As I was driving back to H’burg I got the spur-of-the-moment cynch to just call up my former strength coach that I interned under and give him a visit since it’s on my way. I haven’t seen him in forever! He was the Assistant Strength Coach at USM, but is now a fitness/bootcamp trainer. He is very inspiring to me because I have yet to meet a coach like him who is hard on his clients with his workouts yet soo motivating. His workouts are unique, something I’ve never seen before, and watching him work just makes me want to get into this business even more. You know, there are tons of coaches out there who can probably design the best workout programs but suck at coaching. I think its hard sometimes to find a really decent and motivating coach. You’re probably wondering why I’m praising him so much. You just gotta meet him… his character is awe-inspiring and he’s the type of person who just likes to help you out and make you feel like you can accomplish things. I just hope that I can have an impact on others once this business of mine starts rolling and my clients can see/feel results & make lifestyle changes. Ya know, I don’t want to just make people drop alot of weight and be happier because of it… I want them to realize that this is something they have to incorporate into their lives in order to live healthier, longer, and love being alive. From what I’ve learned so far, it’s more than just looking good, but it’s about feeling good, sure physically, but also mentally and socially. According to ‘Fitness Professional’s Handbook’, they define the term ‘total fitness’ as a condition reached through striving to optimize life in all aspects– social, mental, psychological, spiritual, and physical. So it’s way more than just the looks, it’s a total life improvement.
But anyways, while I was there he worked out one of his clients and did this workout for chest that totally blew my mind!
All he used was 2 bench presses, setting the weights high on one and low on the other. He started out doing 5 on the heavy bench and did 12 on the lighter bench. He repeated that again and then dropped the weights until failure. And when I say heavy I’m talkin about 70% of his max. And this guy isn’t slim or athletic at all, a little on the heavy side and I think has a mild form of down syndrome. So once failure is reached, he resets the weights to heavy again and basically reverses what he did to begin with. I was really impressed that this guy lifted that much. And that was his workout for the day.
My main purpose when I write about these workouts is for you, yes you whoever may be reading this, is to take these workouts with you to the gym. And if you need a more detailed of what the workout is then I’ll be glad to email it to you. You don’t wanna do the same old routine over and over… for starters, you’ll get bored and could possibly overtrain yourself. Another reason is that is that your muscles will become used to these workouts and adapt to the stress that’s placed on it (also called acclimatization). And in order for your muscles to strengthen and be worked to its full potential then you just gotta change it up every now and then. Whenever you do something different than what you’ve been doing, you basically “surprise” or “shock” your muscles and so it has to work harder in order to meet the demands of the new stress that’s being placed on it.


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