Intensity People.. C’mon!

So I am currently sitting at home with the parentals just chillin out really. I gotta wake up tomorrow and take a recertification class for my CPR card. I suppose I could’ve just taken the test but I’d feel better if I actually went through the actual motions of doing it just to refresh my memory in the event that something does happen in the future.

Ya know, people never cease to amaze me. There’s this guy who comes to the gym in the morning sometimes and “exercises.” Okay so exercising is an understatement with what he attempts to do in the gym! He’s a pretty hefty guy who will walk on the treadmill at a 2.0 pace for about 15 minutes and sometimes will do about 4 weight machines. I just want to help him out soo bad, you have no idea! He’s pretty much wasting his time because without intensity, he’s not going to lose weight. You can spend countless hours at the gym, but if you’re not going to work hard or at a moderate to high intensity level then nothing is going to be accomplished. I mean unless you’re trying to just waste time then good for you! And this is during lunch time so when he’s done he’s probably going to go eat frickin McDonald’s or something. Gah! Okay, funny story my manager told me this morning… sometimes the guy just goes in, takes a shit, and leaves the bathroom door closed and walks out the gym. Lol, so when someone opens the guy’s bathroom door, they get slammed with the smell of his shit. Sooo gross, but anyways, I just wanted to share that story.
But yeah… definitely high intensity if you want weight loss! Sometimes I like to play around with my weights in the workout. I’ll either pyramid the weight up or down… Or here’s an example of what I do with the chest press machine. I use 2 different grips: pronated & neutral… supersetting the exercises (ie. use pronated for 12 then right to neutral grip for 12 w/out rest). With each superset I increase the weight up until I get to 100 lbs (probably about 4 sets total). The weights for neutral and pronated are never the same because I can’t lift as much when my hands are neutral than when pronated. Also, using the different grips targets the different angles of the chest area. I do that on my upper body days probably about twice a week. That definitely fatigues my muscles once I’m done. ย What I love seeing though is this old guy who comes in and works out. I’ve talked to him a few times, he’s a sweet old guy who likes to talk alot… it just amuses me really but I definitely give him props for being there for him being as old as he is. I think as I age I’ll have a bigger fear of getting old. It just doesn’t look fun! :o/ I wanna be one of those old women though who can still kick ass at rugby. Man, last year at Mardi Gras… no kidding! Old wrinkly muscular woman with greying hair… passing my ass as she goes to score. And I’m thinking to myself “I just let this old woman beat me, ME, young fresh athletic muscles.” Don’t let them fool you!


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