Motivation All Around

Success! I did a 1 RM of 80 lbs total (40 lb each) on the incline dumbell press! I remember as if it was yesterday that I was struggling on using 20 lb dumbells! Okay so it wasn’t yesterday but at most about 5 months ago. :o)

So I will blog about motivation today. I failed to mention it earlier during my time in Arizona but I am going to write about it now. So when I was there I went to Lifetime Fitness as a guest with my sister. That place is AMAZING! Amazing with a capital A! It was gi-normous compared to anything that I’ve ever been to (keep in mind that I live in the fattest state in North America & in the boondocks of it). There was literally hundreds of people there working out with rows and rows of weight machines, cardio machines, benches, etc. As I was working out I realized that having people there working out as well serves as a motivational tool and helps with your own workouts. People were pumping hard, lifting heavy, grunting, sweating profusely, and that made me want to increase my intensity even more. At my gym there’s probably at most like 6 people in there working out in the mornings so I’ve never really payed attention to them. But to go from somewhere small to somewhere drastically huge was an eye-opener for me. Whether we realize it or not, our environment definitely affects what we do, how we act, or who we become. I think that’s why I love the gym environment. People there are trying to better their lives and stay healthy and are constantly motivating each other to push for that extra rep. Which in turn, I think… makes life much better because if you have a positive attitude towards life and have people there around you then there’s nothing that can stop you. I have a friend who once told me that your outlook towards life affects the direction in which it’ll take. Which I find that to be soo true. Just think about that and try to apply it in your situations and it’ll make sense. But, in summary if you’re wanting that extra push, just look at the people around you. I mean you can even look at it in reverse and see a heavier person and that may motivate you to not ever get like that… not to sound mean about it or anything, but it happens. Go for big weights and ask for the person working there to spot you, they should help motivate you as well, if not… then they should be fired! :o)


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