My “Cheat Day”/Supplements

So I totally almost blew it last night with my new way of eating. I went to Mobile last night to hang out with a friend b/c it was her “birthday” celebration weekend and so we all ate at Olive Garden. I chose that night to have my “cheat meal” so all I had was a bowl of soup and ALOT of salad. I’m not quite sure exactly what the dressing is they use but I do love their salads. I’m not sure if I wanna know what it is either but eating that made me feel almost sick to my stomach when I was done. I guess when you go from eating small meals to a bigger meal it totally just messes everything up. However, it could have been worst had I gotten like one of their pasta entrees. Okay, so you’re probably thinking, “Well you ate like a rabbit and got full on salad.” Man I’ll tell you though that that shit fills you up! It really does…
*Mental Note: Cheat meals are okay; keep same portion size (again, this is still a learning process for me)
You ever wonder if those supplements you take really work? Or is it just in your mind and you don’t know the power of the placebo effect?

Saturday I took some Nano Vapor, it’s supposed to boost nitric oxide in your system to allow more powerful pumps and increase intensity. To say if it works or not…. I question that alot because what if it’s just a mental thing. What if I had taken something else that really wasn’t Nano Vapor but lifted the same amount anyways? I’m sure there’s research on it, which I’ll take some time to find later, but everyone’s body is soo different, so research isn’t always necessarily right in my opinion.
So this is what I did after taking Nano Vapor:
I performed a different bench press where you only allow yourself to press up a certain range of motion. You want to use a power rack so you can set the safeties at the side so the bar can rest on. Okay, so I’m set, I’m in, I’m only pressing the bar up about 6 inches away from my arms being completely extended. I warm-up for 10 with the weight being 95 lbs: that was pretty easy so I add 10 more pounds to each side (115 lbs). I did 10 more with that: again, easy. I continue adding until I reach 150 lbs for 5 reps. Pretty damn good for me weighing at about 135. But of course you’re supposed to be able to lift more than normal with that type of exercise due to the fact that you’re allowing the bar to rest for a second so you have that initial start-up with no tension in your arms. So basically you continue that exercise in your split routine and gradually you’re supposed to lower the safeties to allow greater ROM. By the end of it you bench without the safeties and are benching alot of weight! More than you’d imagine. Of course I’ll let you know how that works out for me, while I continue taking that stuff before my heavy workouts. My manager thought I was on roids because I kept adding more weight, that was kinda funny.
*Side Note: so it says its only for males but from the people I’ve talked with (friends who either work at GNC or train themselves), it’s okay for females to take, but I only take like half or three-fourths of a scoop. If you have any inputs on this then feel free… cuz I like to see what people think about supplements like these.


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