Deadlifts—> a pain in the back! Or is it?

I started today’s workout doing deadlifts. I told myself I am going to start doing those more and with the new year starting off why the hell not?! Around the gyms where I live you don’t often see many females doing deadlifts. I think it’s because many don’t see it performed alot and so they are intimidated to try it. Even when they have seen it, probably on tv somewhere, where men are lifting extremely heavy weights, they’re probably like “well I don’t wanna get that big and lift heavy weights.” Guess what?! You don’t have to put so much weight on it and it’s still a great compound exercise that works the lower back and legs. If you’re a beginner, just start out with the bar and make sure your form is correct: head up, chest out, keeping the back straight and tight so no stress is placed on the spinal column, drive up through your heels, making sure the bar stays in close contact with your body until you stand erect. It really is quite simple and I enjoy doing those myself. Once you feel comfortable doing the deadlift then of course just add more weight. It’s also great for athletes who play sports that require alot of jumping such as basketball, volleyball, or track and field. The movement of hip and knee extension are important components to jumping, sprinting, and different forms of running.
I deadlifted 135 lbs for 2 sets of 10 and then 155 for a set of 5. I know I’m capable of lifting 245 lbs cuz I did at the end of last year when the trainer I was interning with was going to train me for a weightlifting competition. I somehow kept getting injured every weekend so I haven’t really been back since. But once I figure out how much time I’ll have, its possible that I might get back into it. I’m really focusing right now on studying for my CSCS Certification. I do feel ready for it but it makes me nervous knowing that it’s a $300 test so I would feel horrible if I failed it! For now, I am obtaining as much information as I can.

Update on “Clean-Eating”:
It’s making me feel really great and energized. I can tell when it’s been about the 2 or 3 hour mark when I start getting hungry again, which is normal for eating the small portion 6 meals a day thing. I like the fact that I don’t ever feel miserably full anymore. I like to keep the thought in my mind that we need to eat for fuel, not for pleasure. Also, I crave apples and lots of berries now and not anything sweet. Sometimes I do get that chocolate craving but I satisfy that with my Muscle Milk powder. Also, I’m keeping a workout log and I write down what I eat as well to remind me how much I’ve eaten so far and just to keep track of the food items I’m ingesting.


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